Large Scale Hail Repair Projects are our Specialty

Dentoway is experienced in assembling large scale, hail repair teams to carry out site repairs at vehicle holding yards, storage sheds and motor vehicle dealerships. Your requirements will be considered individually to ensure we provide you with a team that can repair a specified number of vehicles in an agreed timeframe.

When a hailstorm occurs Dentoway will respond immediately to meet your needs with a team leader on site within 48 hours. A completion date for the project will be finalised with you after the assessment process is complete and we will work with you to agree to a date that meets your commercial needs. If you would like more information contact us right now.

Commercial Requirements:

If you have a need for a reliable, cost effective Paintless Hail Repair service we have the resources to meet your requirements.

We can offer you …


We will respond to your individual needs and provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations.