Happy Customer, Melbourne

The Manager

Just a short note of appreciation for the excellent repair of my Mercedes Benz , Your attention to detail and your willingness to do that little bit extra have reflected in my sparkling car.

It is rare these days that one can say the car looked better after the repair , in this case it was the exception. As an “A” grade automobile engineer and a judge of Mercedes Benz in Concourse, even I could not see where the repairs had been made.

Thank you and your team for your professionalism.

Geoff Wall, Car Enthusiast, Brisbane

I have a very keen eye for detail and strive for perfection. It is therefore, refreshing to find a company that truly aims to provide attention to detail along with excellent workmanship and great customer service.

Joe Hart, Financial Controller Preston Motors Group, Melbourne

The Preston Motors Group are a multi franchise, multi location Automotive Group with 16 locations throughout Melbourne metro and Victoria country and 2 sites in the ACT.

Preston Motors first experience with Dentoway and Mark Kruger was our groups first experience with a hail damage in the groups 100 years of business.  On the Christmas Eve of the 25th of December 2011 the Preston Motors group experienced damage at 4 of our Melbourne sites with over 600 New & Used vehicle suffering varying degrees of damage.

Dentoway contacted Preston Motors on the first working day after the damage and from that point on became the foil between our group and our insurance company Allianz.  Mark Kruger personally with his team arranged for all our vehicles to be accessed and all information pass onto Allianz and our claim was paid and settled with a minimum of fuss.

That was not the end of the service supplied by Dentoway, now we had over 600 vehicles to be dealt with and sold, Mark liaised with all our Dealer Principals in having varying degrees of damage vehicles repaired for sale.  Dentoway moved onto our premises set up their team’s and the repair process began and we never looked back, both Preston Motors and our customers were more than happy with the quality of the repairs as well as professionalism by Mark and his Dentoway team.

Just as a note we were unfortunate enough to suffer another hail storm at our Dandenong Mitsubishi Dealership some months later, and to show what I have spoken about over was not a onetime level of service.

Mark and the Dentoway team stepped up again and dealt with another 100 plus new and used vehicles.