Specialist Hail Repairer Since 1993

Dentoway has been providing the time and cost saving benefits of Paintless Dent Removal repairs since 1993. The company has been a driving force behind growth in the industry and in providing experienced Hail Teams to repair hailstorm damage.

Since 1993 Dentoway has coordinated large scale hail repair projects across Australia and around the world. Repairing thousands of hail damaged vehicles. Dentoway is a dedicated hail repair specialist.

Dentoway strives to lead the way in Paintless hail repairs with:


We are able to offer this guarantee because of our unmatched quality control systems which allow us to deliver the highest standard of workmanship

Dentoway has been named Australian Small Business of the Year, has won Government Training Awards and has been admitted to the Business Achievers Hall of Fame. When you deal with us you can feel confident that you will receive award winning service every time.